The standalone industries of broadcasting, telecommunications and computing are converging rapidly into a single communications and multimedia industry. Information technology is transforming the way people live and work all over the world. The new digital technologies offer an unprecedented opportunity to dramatically improve our standard of living, and the quality of our lives, within a time frame undreamed of before.

The Communications and Multimedia Act 1998 (CMA98) marks a major milestone in Malaysia's efforts to design a comprehensive national policy framework for the convergence industries. It sets out the Government's objectives in fostering a self-regulatory framework for the communications and multimedia industry. In particular, it details arrangements for the establishment of codes of practice designed to provide a framework for industry self-regulation by means of industry-developed codes.

The Content Code demonstrates a commitment toward self-regulation. The objective of the Code is to encourage development of the communications and multimedia industry, while protecting the end user.

The Communications and Multimedia Content Forum comprising members from six categories namely Advertisers, Audiotext Hosting Services Providers, Broadcasters, Content Creators/Distributors, Civic Groups and Internet Service Providers have come together to draft this Code.

All subscribing to this voluntary industry Code have implicitly undertaken the commitment and responsibility to uphold its objectives and principles. The Forum is responsible for the administration of this Code. If a breach of the Code happens, the Complaints Bureau will receive, consider and mediate and if necessary, adjudicate and make a ruling on the matter.